About us

PINTSIZEGOURMETS.US is an online clothing shop we opened for our children Lou Lou and Jaf to market and sell their new clothing line of Star Wars + Food parody shirts as well as their fun, travel-inspired clothing.  This project is part of their homeschooling curriculum:  Learning to be an Entrepreneur.

We have a kid-friendly food and travel blog called www.pintsizegourmets.com inspired by them which explores, through the experience of our children, what foods they love from different towns, cities, and countries we visit. We began our culinary world-schooling adventure in 2014 and with our children we learn by taking photos, talking to people, living, eating, breathing, drinking, visiting restaurants, collecting recipes and educating ourselves by way of world food culture. 

Meet Lou Lou

I am 10 years old, born and raised in Hawaii and currently being “world schooled”. I’ve been exposed to many different foods since I was one. I am lucky enough to have traveled with my parents to over 21 countries. I love trying new foods, learning about new cultures, the ingredients in the dishes and more importantly traveling to different countries. My hobbies are swimming, karate, singing, dancing, reading and eating. This site has been created so I can share with you all of my food adventures as my Mom (Hawaiian) and Dad (Lebanese) take me and my brother around the world to find out what kids “really” eat in their country. My favorite foods are sushi (any kind) and oysters.

Meet Jaf

My name is Jaf and I’m 8 years old. My parents raised me to appreciate and love all types of food. We have a “try everything once” policy which I often argue about, but go along with. I’m not like my sister, I’m a fussy eater, so pleasing me and my palate won’t be easy. I too have traveled the world, been to all the Disneyland Parks on the planet and my favorite dish is pain au chocolate (chocolate croissant), saimin, sushi and spam musubi. My hobbies are swimming, dancing and my iPad. Oh, and school is boring…

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